Friends, The trees are budding and the pipes are unfreezing,…well, then they’re freezing again and unfreezing.  OK, maybe we have a bit more of this cold stuff, but Groundhog Day has passed and Spring Training is about to start. So, let’s all get upbeat about the thing, and get together for a little neighborhood social time. As an agenda item for our February meeting, we’ll talk about our status of implementing the Alert Neighbors program, which we are doing with the assistance of Crime Stoppers. It’s pretty exciting to get started on this to make our neighborhood even more welcoming. I hope you’ll come and hear what’s going on and volunteer.  For it to work, we need folks all around the neighborhood to become knowledgeable. We could use you.

Also, we’re going to ask for volunteers to help with a Welcoming Committee to the neighborhood. It surely was nice when I moved into the neighborhood and greeted by so many neighbors with goodies.  The Association would like to formally greet all new families into the neighborhood and let them know what’s what. Getting to know neighbors can’t help but improve the experience for all of us.

We’ll also talk a bit about upcoming events and opportunities in the neighborhood, so I hope you’ll come join us. Please take note of the new time of 6:30pm, still at Baxters Interurban at 7th and Houston. As always, feel free to call me if you have any questions about the neighborhood or our Association. Rick Eagleton, President.  (918) 845-0637

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