Our next association meeting will be at Baxters, on April 10, 2019, at 6:30pm. We invite our good friend, Malcolm McCollam, Executive Director of Tulsa Tough, to give us a report on what’s planned for this June’s big race through our neighborhood. He’s going to join us not just to report but also to field questions.  Each year, race day is a great way to showcase our the Riverview Historic District and the welcoming spirit of our neighbors. Please join us in welcoming Malcolm.

As I, your reluctant President, am not able to attend this meeting, I’ll take it easy on those who have been tapped to be in charge. So the rest of the agenda will be flexible.  If you wish to discuss the VIP tent, that would be sparkly.  In any event, I would suggest those in attendance have a lively debate as to which appetizer at Baxters is best.  Rick.

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