A little over a week to go and the biggest sporting event in Tulsa is upon us and in our Beloved Neighborhood. If you haven’t enjoyed the VIP Tent, you’re missing out. While neighbors may know about this little hidden jewel, anyone is welcome. All those of good cheer are VIPs to us. Please sign up and join in the fun with the link below. Remember to get your passes for the pace car ride. When are you ever going to get one of those, except from your faithful neighborhood association. We have shade, and you’ll want some of that when things get hot and Babies start to cry. And, by the way, the BBQ and beer (which are included in your ticket) will ensure no one fades away from malnutrition. Our heartiest thank you goes to Elgin Park Brewery for donating (AS IN DONATING, PEOPLE) the beer. Those guys are cool, and we’ll just say it: their beer is great! Please head on over to Elgin Park Brewery some time and give them some business, a handshake and a hug.


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