We’re not going to have a meeting tonight, but I wanted to give the neighbors an update on our meetings with city officials about crime and safety issues. As I have mentioned in Association meetings, Our District Councilor, Kara Joy McKee, has been very active in exploring ways to improve our situation. As the Association President and as a neighbor, I very much appreciate her attention and interest. I’ve now had so many meetings and contacts with her and her staff during her short tenure in office that I have lost count. This is good for our neighborhood. When you see her next, I urge you to thank her.

While our work is not done and The Councilor is still actively engaged in our problem, she has secured a change for us which I believe may be the start to improvement. Downtown has a program called “the Public Safety Ambassador” program which, as I understand it, works directly and quickly with businesses and to an extent residents to identify and deal with crime and safety issues as they develop. They are authorized to make some contact with those creating a problem and when appropriate contact law enforcement for immediate assistance. I understand there are four full time Ambassadors who are charged with patrolling designated areas downtown, and their area of attention has now been extended to Riverview. I am learning more about the program and expect to report back to you at our November meeting with details, but right now, it is my intention to contact the Ambassadors and assist them in creating a route which will cover our most obvious trouble spots, such as 13th to 17th and Denver and give them some contact information for some of our most engaged residents.

Feel free to get in touch with me to talk about this more or just come to the November 13th meeting. Again, we very much appreciate Councilor McKee’s attention and interest.

Rick Eagleton, President.

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