Riverview friends and Friends of Riverview friends, your mostly incognito Association Board is at it again planning another riveting Association Meeting for tomorrow night at Baxters Interurban, 7th and Houston at 6:00pm.

Might you ask… Will there be ponies again? You might.

Might you ask… How will he get a ladder truck from Station 4 in Baxter’s conference room again? You might.

Might you ask… If we just keep falling back and never spring forward, in a few years will it be dark all day? And if so, will everyone else (not just me) feel like sleeping all day? You might.

Or you might ask… When are we planning the Association Holiday Party??? Right you would be to ask. We’re doing that tomorrow. I suppose I’ll give an update or two on what’s going on with the City, such as with it’s Downtown Housing Study stuff project webpage, but mostly I’d like to talk about the party.

Instead of all that planning ahead that responsible people do for parties, like checking to make sure Ariana Grande is not in town before picking the date, or getting people to commit to bring food so one or two don’t get stuck with all the cooking, or calling the Treasurer to see if we even have money to do this thing, we’re throwing caution to the wind and winging it tomorrow.

So, you can help save us from ourselves, please come and be involved in planning. It really is a fun event and a great opportunity to meet your neighbors.

Rick Eagleton, President (maybe not for long)

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