If you don’t know, tonight at 6:00p.m., there is a meeting with the City Engineers regarding a large street rehabilitation project. The meeting will be at the Aaronson Auditorium at the Downtown Library. I urge neighbors to attend.

As we understand it, the City is preparing to resurface several streets in our neighborhood: 1) Denver Avenue from Riverside and Denver north to 13th Street; 2) Baltimore from 15th to 18th Streets; 3) 17th and 18th Streets from Baltimore heading East; and 4) 16th Place between Denver Avenue and Carson Avenue. The Ass’n has taken a position with respect to the part of the project, that being Denver Avenue from Riverside north to 13th.

We have heard several complaints that the speed of traffic in that stretch makes bicycle and pedestrian use of this area, particularly crossing Denver Avenue, difficult and dangerous. If it’s unfriendly to normal activity use by families, families will not find our neighborhood as appealing. Several of our neighbors have proposed to City Engineers and our Councilor changes in the design of Denver Avenue which would slow traffic down and encourage commercial growth, specifically moving to three lanes, having a center turn lane, wider sidewalks, and enhanced crossing areas. Think of a small area in our neighborhood similar to the Brookside or Cherry Street commercial districts. Certainly, there would be an aesthetic enhancement, consistent with the historic beauty of our neighborhood.

We believe our neighbors’ suggestions are well reasoned and would tend to encourage individual and family use as well as positive commercial activity in our neighborhood, which, in turn, would assist in resolving the undesirable activity we have seen in just that area over the last several years. In other words, at least from our perspective, we can get a lot of bang for the buck in being creative with this roadwork. Some years ago, our former Councilor told us at a Crime and Safety meeting that our problems would be solved when commercial activity grew in our neighborhood. Well, we think this would tend to help.

Our interaction with the City and it’s professionals has been positive, and our attitude toward them remains positive. We understand they have done traffic analyses, and presumably other analyses; although we really don’t know much about their findings.

It appears the City is preparing to resurface Denver Avenue as it is now, with no changes in design. They may well answer questions as to why tonight. We urge neighbors to come, get information and ask questions. If, after a full discussion, it still seems that a reconfiguration of Denver Avenue makes sense, we urge neighbors to voice their opinions. The City can’t know what we think if we don’t articulate our views.

I look forward to seeing you. Rick Eagleton, President.

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