As we prepare for a new year in the Riverview Historic District, the Neighborhood Association is reflecting on priorities for this year. So we may try to be effective for you, we hope you will join us for our first 2020 Association meeting at 6:00pm, on January 22, 2020, at Baxter’s Interurban (7th and Houston); we could use your input.

Our focus is always to enhance the livability of our neighborhood. We hope to help neighbors get to know each other and to look out for each other. We can do this with social events and also by banding together to accomplish things which collectively we might do more effectively than alone, like addressing crime and safety, coordinating with the City, our Councilor, and the neighborhood liaison on matters of importance in the neighborhood, following trends affecting our neighborhood and taking action where appropriate, hosting candidate forums, and just promoting our neighborhood. True, some of these increase property values, which folks might be interested in, but we believe enhancing livability improves the quality of life for all of us, and that is our goal.

To best accomplish this goal, we hope to be able to call upon neighbors to volunteer in areas of their interests. The below list of things we’re trying to do also presents ways to volunteer for you:

1. We need to better communicate with neighbors: We need to find ways to get the word out to neighbors when there’s something to share. We really need some help with our social media and internet presence and in compiling neighborhood contact information. We have a website,, and that’s good, but if you’ve seen it, you may agree we’re missing some opportunities here. And while it’s true, Facebook’s fine, it may just be time to up our game. The phrase “OK Boomer” screams to mind. Could anyone help us do better? We could sure use you. I, for one, am not a bit resistant to fresh ideas. Pinkie promise.

2. Alert Neighbors: For those of you who have participated in the Board’s crime and safety discussions, we would like to implement the Alert Neighbors, neighborhood watch program. It’s a perfect fit for the neighborhood, but as a neighborhood with such a large, geographic footprint, we need participation to get this going. If you are willing to help, including learning about being a Block Captain, let us know. Tulsa Crime Stoppers will train us; we just need people who want to learn. We’d love to have you.

3. Welcoming committee: We believe that welcoming people to the neighborhood is one of the best ways to spread the word and make friends. Tulsans, and particularly those in our neighborhood, are just plain friendly. It’s who we are, and we all remember what it’s like to move into a new neighborhood. We’ve had a Welcoming Committee in the past and have heard some interest from folks to get one going again.  Can you help?

4. Neighborhood Newsletter: We think it would be great to get one started. We know of lots of folks who like to write (and gab); we imagine quite a few people would be interested in submitting on topics of interest.  Who knows, maybe businesses would want to get coupons in the hands of a whole bunch of us.  Anyone want to share recipes — I’d enjoy that. I’m thinking quarterly, maybe. As you can probably tell, I’m not sufficiently technologically savvy to put one together, but I’d guess we have lots of neighbors who might like that. I would be pleased to write a “President’s Column” for each newsletter. Any takers?

5. Social events:  For those who know me, I like parties.  I don’t hide it.  There are several events we’ve put on regularly, but we’d like to do more. Can you volunteer to help on any of these events (or propose others):

a. VIP Tent at Tulsa Tough’s 2020 Cry Baby Hill race (more below),
b. Bake Sales,
c. Cookouts, and
d. Holiday party / Winter Tour of Lights.

Tulsa Tough’s race in our neighborhood will be June 14, 2020, and is approaching fast. This year’s Riverview VIP Tent will be even better. We’ll have our big tent set up right on Cry Baby Hill (13th and Lawton) at which ticket holders receive cool shade, hot bbq and ice cold beer. As always, we’ll sell tickets and neighborhood merchandise. The Riverview cowbells are tested to be louder than anyone else’s, anywhere on the planet. This year, we’ll offer neighbors and businesses the opportunity to show their support for our neighborhood by being VIP Sponsors. Sponsors not only receive public acknowledgment in advertising, press releases and neighborhood promotional materials or signage, but more than that, you’ll have the satisfaction of helping the neighborhood you love.  We’re going to start organizing immediately so the VIP Tent comes off without a hitch. Please come to the next meeting or contact me if you might be interested in helping. PS – Any musicians out there want to lend your talents? Hint Hint Hint.

Anyone up for a 4th of July potluck / cookout or parade for kids, or how about a Halloween pet costume party? My dogs Biggie Smalls and Full Monty are game. Sounds fun. Right?

We’re eager for the new year and really want to meet you. There’s nothing quite like getting to know your neighbors in a new way. Please think of coming out or getting in touch. Rick Eagleton, President. 918-845-0637.

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