Friends, it seems such a long distant time when only two weeks ago I reached out to you about COVID-19 and social distancing. I’m sure were Einstein around, he could educate us on why the notion of time seems so confused in a crisis. As many of us are mostly at home now, I’d love for a physicist (or armchair physicist) to take a moment to comment on  why our concept of time now seems so out of whack.

As to these challenging times, our instincts are to care for those most dear to us with the comfort that should we, ourselves, be of need, we will be cared for. Such is one of the most basic functions of a caring neighborhood such as is ours.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” Inasmuch as these may be challenging times, they present for us the hopeful opportunity to shine for each other. This is who neighbors are; this is what neighbors do.

And so, as we try to explore new normals about how to stay safe and stay in touch, in addition to our Facebook Page, “Riverview Neighborhood Assocation Tulsa,” I’d like to remind you that recently we created a Facebook “Private Group.” You may find it as “Riverview Neighborhood” when searching on Facebook. And, if I’ve done it correctly, this is the link:

When we created a private group earlier this year, we imagined it would be a good way for neighbors to reach out to neighbors. It can hardly be overstated the importance of doing that now…checking on each other, volunteering to help others with shopping, supplies, medicine, or just sharing useful information as surely will remind others that neighbors are here to lend support. Remember, we are social beings. While cooped up in our homes, it is doubly important to have constant and positive human connection.

Friends, it is said that a challenge doesn’t change character – it reveals it. In times of need, we can all take a lesson from this. I commend those in our neighborhood who have already been doing the little things for others. By taking personal responsibility and committing ourselves to keep in touch, we will better care for each other and the least among us.

Rick Eagleton, Ass’n President.

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