Friends, we are all learning how to work, how to cope, how to survive, and, yes, doing all that tethers us to that basic goodness we all have inside. We so want to be helpful, look forward to being together and get through this damned thing… AND WE WILL. I promise. (Pinkie promise, from the Prez.)

As you may have heard, our good friends from Tulsa Tough have made the damned right decision to cancel the bike races in our neighborhood in June. It’s the right thing to do. It most surely is. I know those folks, they are serious people, and it was hard, but just as plainly, they would have known the right call. We want everyone to be safe, as do they. Thank you, Tulsa Tough, for the respect you always show our neighborhood and the courageous respect this decision demonstrates. We, and you, will come back stronger than ever. Riverview, let’s just decide it will be the best next year when we see each other at Cry Baby Hill. ‘Cause it will, folks. It will. We are a resilient crew. Let’s remind ourselves each day of that. We can surely endure anything, and this thing is just going to reinforce us in who we are. Proud, tough, and most above all….decent. Scream it from your front door, friends. As in now!

And from my little “work at home” corner, I would like to let you know I’m mixing up hand sanitizing spray for so long as my supplies last. I want to give you some, so you may be safe. Please text me at 918-845-0637, ’cause at long last, I’m still not sure I’ve got the website synced up to my email. Just text.

Friends, I promise. And it’s the real kind of promise one makes with serious stuff in mind. We can do this! You can do this! We will get through this, together! With love and support, let’s do this thing.

Rick Eagleton, President.

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