Friends, for all who showed up or just drove by and had candy thrown at them from a safe, 6 foot-plus distance, thank you for making our 1st Annual, Trunk or Treat a success. Giving chocolate to kids and taking it from them was never so satisfying.

Now that things are cooling off, no wait, are they warming up,… oh, let’s go with cooling off, shall we (we’ll be right, mostly), it’s time to start gearing up for winter. With COVID on the loose, we need to think of extra special ways to help our neighbors. After all, we’re all in this together and want to help everyone see it through. On a small scale, I am still making sanitizer to give away (spray or gel); just let me know how much you need. My email and number are below.

It is most important to remember that this Thanksgiving will be hard on so many. So many families are avoiding their normal family get-togethers to make sure their loved ones can stay safe. In doing so, friends may need a few extra calls or socially distanced, front door visits, just to let them know you care. Holidays are hard without our traditions with loved ones, but, folks, we’ll get through this. Locusts don’t swarm or rivers rise, we’ll be back to normal next year!

I’ll come up with an agenda for this Thursday’s meeting (6:00pm via Zoom), but I know we’ll talk about the holiday party. We could use your help. We’ve got a good core group of volunteers now, which will make it even more fun to join in as a volunteer. Want to help? Try to get on the call this Thursday and we’ll talk about how.

I look forward to seeing all of you, soon (even if just on a screen).

Rick Eagleton

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