Much has happened in the couple of months since we last met. Whew. Good neighbors are indeed important in times of stress for comfort. I hope you are keeping up with your neighbors. Please do. Make sure they are there for you and you for them. Riverview is indeed a welcoming and caring neighborhood.

We’re going to hold our Annual Meeting and regular February meeting next Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 7:00pm. I hope you can attend both.

As you can see from the Annual Meeting Agenda (below) we have listed a slate of directors and officers and I include my normal plea for new victims to volunteer to serve. I promise it’s not bad at all. Won’t hurt a bit.

On the Agenda for the Regular Meeting, Lizz Koelle, of Uptown Wellness Dispensary has asked to attend and speak to the Association about what her business does and regarding a pending application before the Board of Adjustment for Special Exception to permit low-impact medical marijuana processing in the CH district. We know many of you may have questions and that you will give a courteous welcome to Ms. Koelle as she makes her presentation and answers your questions.

We will also talk about events coming up, not the least of which is Tulsa Tough and our VIP Tent. After a year’s hiatus, we sure are ready to resume this.

As always, if you own a home in or live in Riverview or have a business here, you are welcome to attend our Zoom meetings. Just email me at, and I’ll send you a link.

Keep warm and stay safe. Rick Eagleton, President.

AGENDA — February 2, 2021

I. ANNUAL MEETING (by Zoom video conference):

a. Election of Officers and Directors: The Association authorizes 12 members of the Board of Directors, each serving a two-year term. In any given year, 4 board members may be selected and officers are selected to serve one-year terms. The authorized officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

b. Currently, we have 3 board members who also serve as officers, Rick Eagleton-President, Ray Luth-Treasurer, and Sarah Hart-Secretary. (It’s not for lack of trying that we that we are short in the number of directors and officers. We sure would like more volunteers.)

c. The 2021 slates are:

1. Board of Directors: Rick Eagleton, Ray Luth, and Sarah Hart.

2. Officers: Rick Eagleton-President, Ray Luth-Treasurer, and Sarah Hart-Secretary.

PS: We’re all ears for a volunteer to be Vice-President and for nominations from the floor.

d. Establishment of 2021 dues.


II. REGULAR MEETING (by Zoom video conference):

a. Treasurer’s Report.

b. Update and discuss planning on upcoming events (garden tour, Cry Baby Plaza tour, Iron Man, and Tulsa Tough).

c. Lizz Koelle, owner Uptown Wellness Dispensary, 1215 South Houston Ave.: The Association welcomes Ms. Koelle to make a presentation on what her business does and the pending application before the Tulsa Board of Adjustment. Discussion.

d. New Business.


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