We at the Association do hope you are well and that you are getting as excited about Spring as we are. Please join us for our next Association Meeting this Thursday, March 25 at 7pm by Zoom. As always, please email me at if you want to receive an invite. We’d love to hear from you.

At our next meeting, we’re picking a date for the Cry Baby Plaza tour when our very own Ray Luth will give an onsite history of the design and construction of the Plaza and will tell you all about the special plant that were installed. This was definitely a forward thinking design that we’re very proud of.

Also, and yes we can feel it, Tulsa Tough’s Cry Baby Hill is coming June 13, at least that’s the plan now, and with vaccinations picking up, it looks like it will happen. We understand that the Tulsa Tough organizers will follow the developments with COVID and will make final decisions to change dates if necessary, but we’re going with June 13 now. And that means we’re moving forward with our own VIP Tent and selling merchandise and sponsorships. So join us on Thursday so we can talk a bit more about what we’ll do.

Feel free to email if you have any questions and, as always, stay safe. Rick Eagleton, President.

AGENDA – March 25, 2021: 7:00pm

I. REGULAR MEETING (by Zoom video conference):

a. Treasurer’s Report.

b. Update regarding Tulsa Tough and VIP Tent – June 13, 2021 is a-go!!! (for now) We’ll talk BBQ, sponsorships, fun at the tent, and GETTING BACK TO NORMAL, PEOPLE. Think about getting your hands on some of our exclusive, neighborhood ball caps and cowbells. 

c. COVID Vaccine: Be sure to register if you aren’t already with the health department. or just search Oklahoma Department of Safety Vaccine Portal, and that should get you there.

d. Neighborhood safety issues (Board report and open discussion).

e. Spring tour of Cry Baby Plaza.

f. New Business.


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