The time has come to get excited about June 13 and Tulsa Tough in our neighborhood and sign up!

With the help from our very good friends at BadJupiter, we are up and running to help you purchase VIP Tent tickets ($35-Single / $50 pair). When you purchase a VIP Tent ticket, you’ll get shade (and sun when you want it), bbq, beer and all the fun this wonderful day of racing can bring.  We also have special run, neighborhood logo cowbells and caps you can buy to show your neighborhood spirit.  And for a chance at a really special treat, please enter the raffle for a pace car ride around the track for a whole race. What could be more fun. The link to get your tickets and stuff is You don’t have to live in Riverview to buy tickets to the VIP Tent and show your support.  You just need to bring an appetite and be ready for fun!  Get your tickets and merchandise now, because time’s a-wastin’, and we will sell out.

Also, you or your business can be extra special supporters of the neighborhood by considering becoming a sponsor.  We have three different levels. You can see what’s available at our drop down menu. Just click on  “2021 VIP TENT AND SPONSORSHIPS” and you’ll see all the details. Please consider becoming a sponsor.  The Association tries to help and support our residents and businesses, and this is our major fundraiser each year to better help the neighborhood.  Please consider what might be best for you.  The sooner you reserve, the sooner we can start including you in our promotional materials!  For details and questions, please call or text me, Rick Eagleton, at 918-845-0637, or send me an email at this address.

Lastly, we are asking for volunteers to help during the races at the tent.  This is not our first rodeo, so you won’t be asked to reinvent the wheel. We just find it more fun to do with friends.  We’ve been planning this for months, and now it’s just time to get neighbors involved.   Volunteers pretty much do 1 part tasks and have 2 parts fun.  Since the races begin around 8am, access to the tent will be limited, probably around 7am, for safety of the racers. So, our volunteer time slots will start with “Set up and Race Start” from 6am to 9am. The rest of the slots will be two hour slots of 9am to 11am, 11am to 1pm, 1pm to 3pm and “Race end and Clean-up crew” from 3pm to 5pm (and maybe a bit after). We would like to have 3 people signed up for each slot. You’ll do important things like sell tickets, check wristbands, make sure the keg doesn’t float and display and sell cool merchandise and tickets. Sort of low impact duties, mostly. To volunteer, please send an email to Sarah Hart at If you don’t get a response pretty soon, to make sure we got it, send an email to me at We’ll keep folks posted when slots fill.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out here.  If you liked how easy the link above was to buy tickets, BadJupiter might be just the perfect for your needs. They are a mobile platform that helps people discover and share experiences focused around communities and shared interests. They are based here in Tulsa and run by our Association’s former President. Their website is We can’t say thank you enough.

Please don’t forget to become a member of the Riverview Association. Click on the link in the drop down box. We’re better when we are many.

Rick Eagleton, President.

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