Tulsa Tough and Cry Baby Hill in Riverview is just two days away — June 13! Time to get EXCITED, but time is running short to get your admission tickets to the Riverview VIP Tent at Cry Baby Plaza (the triangular park at Riverside Drive and Lawton Avenue). Want shade, fellowship, bbq, beer, merchandize and the best, coolest spot on the course to watch the races, we have it. And you’ll be helping out the neighborhood. For your tickets and merchandise (caps and cowbells) to: https://jupiter.link/ssVdmLa or our website at www.riverviewtulsa.com. Thanks, again, to BadJupiter for setting all this up and to Elgin Park for being so good to us in getting us such good beer…. coldest in town, pinkie promise. Feel free to contact me at reagleton@rjeoffices.com if you have any questions. Rick Eagleton, President.

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