Tulsa Tough through the Riverview neighborhood is almost here — June 13. That means the Riverview VIP Tent is coming together and we just need you to buy your tickets and merchandise! Remember, if you’re 18 years or older, you can also buy a couple of raffle tickets to win a pace car ride. Whoa Nellie! You can get your tickets and merchandise at: https://jupiter.link/ssVdmLa or on our website at www.riverviewtulsa.com. Thanks, again, to BadJupiter for setting all this up and to Elgin Park for being so good to us in getting us good beer. Coldest in town, pinkie promise.
We also need a few more volunteers for 2hr slots at the Tent from 11 to 5. Please get in touch with Sara Hart at tulsarvna@gmail.com. It really is fun and really nothing to it.
Feel free to contact me at reagleton@rjeoffices.com if you have any questions.
Rick Eagleton, President.

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