Neighbors, this is a reminder of our request that residents and business owners in the Riverview Historic District attend our upcoming Crime and Safety meeting, to be held next Monday, September 20, 2021, at 7:00pm. It will be an outdoor, in person, meeting at the Yard Bar (Formerly Elwoods) located at 19th and Riverside. In the time of COVID and considering last minute weather concerns, there are always the possibilities of updates, so please check our Facebook page (Riverview Neighborhood Association Tulsa) and for updates. There are tables at Yard Bar, but feel free to bring a lawn chair. The owners of Yard Bar have graciously offered to open on a day which normally they would be closed. They will have limited snacks and drinks available for purchase. We hope you will consider ordering so as to assist them in defraying costs, if you can. They are a business in the Riverview District, so we want to show them our appreciation for their accommodation to us.

As to why we’re holding this meeting, neighbors have seen continued problems since our last meeting on this topic. Some have reported an escalation of vagrancy, trash, trespassing and crime in Riverview. While this is not exclusive to the area around 15th and Denver, that area certainly has a concentrated problem. And we have observed that corner attracts persons traveling throughout our neighborhood engaging in objectionable conduct both at 15th and Denver and throughout our neighborhood. We know our neighborhood remains a desirable place to live and that it is not the only neighborhood in Tulsa having these problems. Even so, when neighbors don’t feel as safe as they should on their own properties, have to deal with trespass, trash, and nuisance and are legitimately concerned about letting their kids play outside, things must improve. Ours is a welcoming, eclectic neighborhood, and this is good. That does not mean we should put up with nonsense, and we want to try to make some progress. To that end, Councilor McKee has graciously agreed to attend and listen, and we understand representatives of Tulsa Police Department will be there. We are also going to hear from Brant Pitchford, with Tulsa’s Working With Neighborhoods (WIN) program, to discuss Code violation enforcement options. WIN’s work can be accessed at

As I have mentioned, it is not our intention to hold an unproductive, gripe session, but just the same, we now need to come up with ideas that make a difference. These problems cannot simply be handled by neighbors on their own. We don’t have the funds or the levers of policy or tools of law enforcement. So, please come with detailed information to help our public officials help us, and, as I say, please be productive. We all do better when government and citizens work together. Let’s do our part and encourage them to do theirs.

So, please set your calendars and make your notes for discussion. And please join as a member of the Association through the drop down menu at While neighbors are free to talk at our meetings, members of the Association are those who vote.

Feel free to call, text or email. Rick Eagleton, President 918-845-0637.

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