Friends in Riverview,

As you may know, the infill overlay passed Wednesday night at the City Council Meeting 8-1. Some changes may be possible, so I urge you to give constructive comments to the City in exploring what may be possible.  We’re all adults here (or at least most of us), and we know that dialogue is more effective than diatribe.  It’s a general rule that people are more receptive to ideas when they are approached in the spirit of collaboration, as opposed to being on the receiving end of castigation. It may be true that to make an omelet, folks need to crack some eggs.  Not so in working through neighborhood issues.  Issues come and go, but hard feelings last forever.

Now I address my Very Dear Friends in Riverview,

I’ve been the President of the Riverview Association since, …. well, I can’t exactly remember when Sam Johnson begged someone to let him off the hook.  I really do like the part of this volunteer work that has allowed me to meet folks (and cook bbq for folks).  I’ve tried to bring positive change to the neighborhood in my focus on Crime and Safety, but mostly, to be as positive as I know how in my posts (sometimes, admittedly, too lengthy).  It has been my view that reading something uplifting on the internet, particularly during a worldwide pandemic, is more heart healthy than some of the ugly stuff social media has to offer.

Even so, it does appear that some folks I’ve never met, from inside and outside the neighborhood, have decided they need my scalp and are spending a lot of their precious, remaining time on this earth saying ugly things about me and other complete strangers.  Since I don’t know them and they don’t know me, I can’t walk over to their houses and have a cup of coffee to work things out.  I’m old school; that’s how I’d do it.  (Normally, I just use the internet to search for videos of kittens doing funny things.)  And, while it’s in my nature to defend myself, it’s not in my nature to hurt organizations when I have been entrusted in an official role.  I’m kind of thinking that for me to continue as President and Director, Riverview might not be better off.  So, this is my sign off in those roles.

After all this passes, and it will, may we all remind ourselves that kindness is not a four letter word and is always more heart-healthy than the alternative.  See you at Ron’s.

Your friend, Rick Eagleton, former President, Riverview.

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