Neighbors, This is your friendly Neighborhood Association President, Rick Eagleton. I’m back from vacation just in time to get up to speed on a lot of questions regarding the Infill Overlay that will be voted on at this Wednesday’s City Council Meeting. Preliminarily, I have confirmed that it remains on the agenda for this Wednesday’s Council Meeting which starts at 5:00pm. I urge everyone to participate and, as I understand it, if you want to speak at a council meeting, all you have to do is sign a sheet that says you want to speak. That’s local government in action.

I can tell from social media and from people reaching out to me (and about me) that there is quite a bit of recent interest in how this may affect the neighborhood. I will give my public mea culpa now: I, like many of you, have not been particularly focused on this on this issue. I have been focused on neighborhood Crime and Safety issues, which have been front and center on the mind of neighbors as they have reached out to me. So, I’m sorry that I haven’t been more proactive in educating myself and trying to educate our board and you. But, here we are.

Today, I have spoken to Susan Miller, AICP, Director of the Tulsa City Planning Office. She has forwarded me an informational link to details about the Infill Overlay which will be voted on. It is: I wanted to get this out to you as soon as I got it. I have not reviewed it yet. She advised me there is a frequently asked questions section where questions you may have may be addressed.

Also, I have spoken with Councilor McKee’s aide, who has given me a link to the October 6, 2021 Urban and Economic Development Meeting at which this proposal was discussed in detail. Again, this is hot off the press to me, so I haven’t watched it yet, but she tells me there was about a 15 minute discussion starting at about minute 25. It apparently is only published on the Tulsa City Council’s Facebook Page the link is:

Earlier today, I watched a Planning Commission meeting from May 3, 2021, at which this was discussed in detail. I found it quite informative. The link for that is:

If I can provide more useful information, I will do so as quickly as I can.

Rick Eagleton, President.

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