The Tulsa Riverview Neighborhood has spoken! This evening the Tulsa Riverview Neighborhood Association Board met for the first time in their new official leadership roles. We are an energetic bunch of people who are enthusiastic about promoting and protecting our Neighborhood and we look forward to engaging with Riverview Neighborhood residents and businesses. We discussed a wide variety of topics ranging from murals to security and many other topics involving our neighborhood. If you have any suggestions or requests for the Riverview Neighborhood Association Board, please email Do you live in our neighborhood and want to be in the know? Join our Facebook group:

Board Members:
Chris McCabe – President
Jason Mathew – Vice President
Ray Luth – Treasurer
Katie Tillery-Merk – Secretary
Sarah Hart – Director
Cindy Henderson – Director
Murray Verbonitz – Director
Dave Thornton – Director
David Olsen – Director
Casey Newport – Director
Demetrius Bereolos – Director

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