Tulsa Tough through the Riverview neighborhood is almost here — June 13. That means the Riverview VIP Tent is coming together and we just need you to buy your tickets and merchandise! Remember, if you’re 18 years or older, you can also buy a couple of raffle tickets to win a pace car ride. Whoa Nellie! You can get your tickets and merchandise at: https://jupiter.link/ssVdmLa or on our website at www.riverviewtulsa.com. Thanks, again, to BadJupiter for setting all this up and to Elgin Park for being so good to us in getting us good beer. Coldest in town, pinkie promise.
We also need a few more volunteers for 2hr slots at the Tent from 11 to 5. Please get in touch with Sara Hart at tulsarvna@gmail.com. It really is fun and really nothing to it.
Feel free to contact me at reagleton@rjeoffices.com if you have any questions.
Rick Eagleton, President.

The time has come to get excited about June 13 and Tulsa Tough in our neighborhood and sign up!

With the help from our very good friends at BadJupiter, we are up and running to help you purchase VIP Tent tickets ($35-Single / $50 pair). When you purchase a VIP Tent ticket, you’ll get shade (and sun when you want it), bbq, beer and all the fun this wonderful day of racing can bring.  We also have special run, neighborhood logo cowbells and caps you can buy to show your neighborhood spirit.  And for a chance at a really special treat, please enter the raffle for a pace car ride around the track for a whole race. What could be more fun. The link to get your tickets and stuff is https://jupiter.link/ssVdmLa. You don’t have to live in Riverview to buy tickets to the VIP Tent and show your support.  You just need to bring an appetite and be ready for fun!  Get your tickets and merchandise now, because time’s a-wastin’, and we will sell out.

Also, you or your business can be extra special supporters of the neighborhood by considering becoming a sponsor.  We have three different levels. You can see what’s available at our drop down menu. Just click on  “2021 VIP TENT AND SPONSORSHIPS” and you’ll see all the details. Please consider becoming a sponsor.  The Association tries to help and support our residents and businesses, and this is our major fundraiser each year to better help the neighborhood.  Please consider what might be best for you.  The sooner you reserve, the sooner we can start including you in our promotional materials!  For details and questions, please call or text me, Rick Eagleton, at 918-845-0637, or send me an email at this address.

Lastly, we are asking for volunteers to help during the races at the tent.  This is not our first rodeo, so you won’t be asked to reinvent the wheel. We just find it more fun to do with friends.  We’ve been planning this for months, and now it’s just time to get neighbors involved.   Volunteers pretty much do 1 part tasks and have 2 parts fun.  Since the races begin around 8am, access to the tent will be limited, probably around 7am, for safety of the racers. So, our volunteer time slots will start with “Set up and Race Start” from 6am to 9am. The rest of the slots will be two hour slots of 9am to 11am, 11am to 1pm, 1pm to 3pm and “Race end and Clean-up crew” from 3pm to 5pm (and maybe a bit after). We would like to have 3 people signed up for each slot. You’ll do important things like sell tickets, check wristbands, make sure the keg doesn’t float and display and sell cool merchandise and tickets. Sort of low impact duties, mostly. To volunteer, please send an email to Sarah Hart at tulsarvna@gmail.com. If you don’t get a response pretty soon, to make sure we got it, send an email to me at reagleton@rjeoffices.com. We’ll keep folks posted when slots fill.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out here.  If you liked how easy the link above was to buy tickets, BadJupiter might be just the perfect for your needs. They are a mobile platform that helps people discover and share experiences focused around communities and shared interests. They are based here in Tulsa and run by our Association’s former President. Their website is badjupiter.com. We can’t say thank you enough.

Please don’t forget to become a member of the Riverview Association. Click on the link in the drop down box. We’re better when we are many.

Rick Eagleton, President.

Due to difficulties with technology that several people have told me about (I blame Zoom) and the fact that I got last week’s Zoom invite link out late last week (I blame me), the Association will have a second zoom meeting this Thursday about details for this year’s Tulsa Tough through our neighborhood and the neighborhood’s VIP Tent down at Cry Baby Plaza. I won’t repeat what was on the agenda last time, but we’re going to talk about what to expect on June 13 (all day races through our beloved Historic Riverview neighborhood) and what we’re doing down at Cry Baby Hill at our VIP Tent. We’re in the thick of it and want as many neighbors and friends of neighbors to join in the fun as possible.

We will talk about how to buy tickets for the tent, which will get you all the shade, bbq and beer, and cool kid popularity you can handle. And we’ll talk about what merchandise you can purchase to show your spirit for the racers and the neighborhood, and how you or a business can show even more spirit by becoming a sponsor. And here’s a teaser, we’re holding a raffle to ride shotgun in the pace-car for one of the races. Everyone who has ever done this loved it.

Importantly, we’ll also talk about how you can volunteer. We need some help from neighbors putting this on, but it’s not our first rodeo. We won’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s just more fun to do with friends. Volunteers pretty much do 1 part tasks and have 2 parts fun. Since the races begin around 8am, access to the tent will be limited, probably around 7am, for safety of the racers. So, our volunteer time slots will start with “Set up and Race Start” from 6am to 9am. The rest of the slots will be two hour slots of 9am to 11am, 11am to 1pm, 1pm to 3pm and “Clean up crew” from 3pm to 5pm. We would like to have 3 people signed up for each slot. You’ll do important things like take money, check wristbands, make sure the keg doesn’t float and display and sell cool merchandise and tickets. Sort of low impact duties, mostly. To volunteer, please send an email to Sarah Hart at tulsarvna@gmail.com. If you don’t get a response pretty soon, to make sure we got it, send an email to me at reagleton@rjeoffices.com. We’ll keep folks posted when slots fill.

We really are looking forward to this and are eager for you to help.

One last announcement, we want to give a big shout out to our Treasurer, Ray Luth and his wife, Maryhelen, for volunteering their home for this year’s Tulsa Audubon Society’s Wildlife Habitat Garden Tour. It’s this Saturday. The link for details and how you can join in is:


Rick Eagleton, President.

Friends of Riverview (and lovers of Tulsa Tough and Riverview’s VIP Tent),  remember, tonight is our kickoff zoom meeting about Tulsa Tough and Cry Baby Hill in our neighborhood on June 13, 2021. As always, feel free to email me at reagleton@rjeoffices.com or call at 918-845-0637 and I’ll send you a zoom link.

As most of you know, Tulsa Tough is returning with a bang this June 11-13, and all day June 13, the races will be though our neighborhood.  It’s the showcase event for the Riverview Historic District every year (except some years are skipped when there are world-wide pandemics), and we get back on track this year.  Our visitors will be from just down the street, from across the nation, and even from other countries.  We have much to show, and to show off in our neighborhood, and much to do on race day.

As to the what we’re doing, we will have our VIP Tent set up right at Cry Baby Hill in Cry Baby Plaza, where you can buy tickets and merchandise and enjoy the races from the best location around.  In addition to terrific BBQ and Beer, WE HAVE SHADE!!!.  Tonight we’ll talk about what we’re doing and how and when to get tickets and merchandise.  We’re also introducing sponsorships at lots of different levels, so you can support your neighborhood and get your company’s name or your family’s name out there as VERY IMPORTANT FRIENDS OF RIVERVIEW! 

And, putting the thing on is big fun, so we’re hoping we can get as many volunteers as possible.  Remember, there’s no better way to get to know your neighbors than selling cowbells or tapping kegs.

If technology works tonight, we hope to hear from Malcolm McCollam, Executive Director of Tulsa Tough, to talk about what things will look like on race day and to answer questions.  So, please join in, tonight

Rick Eagleton, President.


We at the Association do hope you are well and that you are getting as excited about Spring as we are. Please join us for our next Association Meeting this Thursday, March 25 at 7pm by Zoom. As always, please email me at reagleton@rjeoffices.com if you want to receive an invite. We’d love to hear from you.

At our next meeting, we’re picking a date for the Cry Baby Plaza tour when our very own Ray Luth will give an onsite history of the design and construction of the Plaza and will tell you all about the special plant that were installed. This was definitely a forward thinking design that we’re very proud of.

Also, and yes we can feel it, Tulsa Tough’s Cry Baby Hill is coming June 13, at least that’s the plan now, and with vaccinations picking up, it looks like it will happen. We understand that the Tulsa Tough organizers will follow the developments with COVID and will make final decisions to change dates if necessary, but we’re going with June 13 now. And that means we’re moving forward with our own VIP Tent and selling merchandise and sponsorships. So join us on Thursday so we can talk a bit more about what we’ll do.

Feel free to email if you have any questions and, as always, stay safe. Rick Eagleton, President.

AGENDA – March 25, 2021: 7:00pm

I. REGULAR MEETING (by Zoom video conference):

a. Treasurer’s Report.

b. Update regarding Tulsa Tough and VIP Tent – June 13, 2021 is a-go!!! (for now) We’ll talk BBQ, sponsorships, fun at the tent, and GETTING BACK TO NORMAL, PEOPLE. Think about getting your hands on some of our exclusive, neighborhood ball caps and cowbells. 

c. COVID Vaccine: Be sure to register if you aren’t already with the health department. https://vaccinate.oklahoma.gov/en-US/covid-19%20vaccine/ or just search Oklahoma Department of Safety Vaccine Portal, and that should get you there.

d. Neighborhood safety issues (Board report and open discussion).

e. Spring tour of Cry Baby Plaza.

f. New Business.



Much has happened in the couple of months since we last met. Whew. Good neighbors are indeed important in times of stress for comfort. I hope you are keeping up with your neighbors. Please do. Make sure they are there for you and you for them. Riverview is indeed a welcoming and caring neighborhood.

We’re going to hold our Annual Meeting and regular February meeting next Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 7:00pm. I hope you can attend both.

As you can see from the Annual Meeting Agenda (below) we have listed a slate of directors and officers and I include my normal plea for new victims to volunteer to serve. I promise it’s not bad at all. Won’t hurt a bit.

On the Agenda for the Regular Meeting, Lizz Koelle, of Uptown Wellness Dispensary has asked to attend and speak to the Association about what her business does and regarding a pending application before the Board of Adjustment for Special Exception to permit low-impact medical marijuana processing in the CH district. We know many of you may have questions and that you will give a courteous welcome to Ms. Koelle as she makes her presentation and answers your questions.

We will also talk about events coming up, not the least of which is Tulsa Tough and our VIP Tent. After a year’s hiatus, we sure are ready to resume this.

As always, if you own a home in or live in Riverview or have a business here, you are welcome to attend our Zoom meetings. Just email me at reagleton@rjeoffices.com, and I’ll send you a link.

Keep warm and stay safe. Rick Eagleton, President.

AGENDA — February 2, 2021

I. ANNUAL MEETING (by Zoom video conference):

a. Election of Officers and Directors: The Association authorizes 12 members of the Board of Directors, each serving a two-year term. In any given year, 4 board members may be selected and officers are selected to serve one-year terms. The authorized officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

b. Currently, we have 3 board members who also serve as officers, Rick Eagleton-President, Ray Luth-Treasurer, and Sarah Hart-Secretary. (It’s not for lack of trying that we that we are short in the number of directors and officers. We sure would like more volunteers.)

c. The 2021 slates are:

1. Board of Directors: Rick Eagleton, Ray Luth, and Sarah Hart.

2. Officers: Rick Eagleton-President, Ray Luth-Treasurer, and Sarah Hart-Secretary.

PS: We’re all ears for a volunteer to be Vice-President and for nominations from the floor.

d. Establishment of 2021 dues.


II. REGULAR MEETING (by Zoom video conference):

a. Treasurer’s Report.

b. Update and discuss planning on upcoming events (garden tour, Cry Baby Plaza tour, Iron Man, and Tulsa Tough).

c. Lizz Koelle, owner Uptown Wellness Dispensary, 1215 South Houston Ave.: The Association welcomes Ms. Koelle to make a presentation on what her business does and the pending application before the Tulsa Board of Adjustment. Discussion.

d. New Business.


Friends, for all who showed up or just drove by and had candy thrown at them from a safe, 6 foot-plus distance, thank you for making our 1st Annual, Trunk or Treat a success. Giving chocolate to kids and taking it from them was never so satisfying.

Now that things are cooling off, no wait, are they warming up,… oh, let’s go with cooling off, shall we (we’ll be right, mostly), it’s time to start gearing up for winter. With COVID on the loose, we need to think of extra special ways to help our neighbors. After all, we’re all in this together and want to help everyone see it through. On a small scale, I am still making sanitizer to give away (spray or gel); just let me know how much you need. My email and number are below.

It is most important to remember that this Thanksgiving will be hard on so many. So many families are avoiding their normal family get-togethers to make sure their loved ones can stay safe. In doing so, friends may need a few extra calls or socially distanced, front door visits, just to let them know you care. Holidays are hard without our traditions with loved ones, but, folks, we’ll get through this. Locusts don’t swarm or rivers rise, we’ll be back to normal next year!

I’ll come up with an agenda for this Thursday’s meeting (6:00pm via Zoom), but I know we’ll talk about the holiday party. We could use your help. We’ve got a good core group of volunteers now, which will make it even more fun to join in as a volunteer. Want to help? Try to get on the call this Thursday and we’ll talk about how.

I look forward to seeing all of you, soon (even if just on a screen).

Rick Eagleton

Please check the Association’s last message for details, but this is a reminder of our invitation for you to bring kids for candy or just come by 1302 South Galveston Ave. at 4:30 this Saturday for a bit of Halloween fun and fellowship. We’ve decided to grill some hot dogs (that’s the teaser) and will have some non-alcoholic beverages. Nothing fancy. Everything will be outside and distanced. We’ll have sanitizer and masks if you don’t have them as well to make things safe.

Feel free to email, text or call for more details. Rick Eagleton

Please bring your little goblins to the Neighborhood Association’s TRUNK OR TREAT (our version of socially distanced trick or treating) on Halloween Night, October 31, 2020 a/k/a the scariest night of the year. We’re going to do this from 4:30 to 7:00, in my front yard (1302 South Galveston Ave. — the corner lot). The first hour will emphasize passing out candy to kids. After that, the emphasis will be stealing candy back from kids. Please bring masks and lawn chairs and adult beverages if you wish (the adult beverages are not for the kids).

For this new event, we’re going to pass out candy to all kids, including big kids — after all, we’re all kids, right? It may just be that adult kids get the good stuff: dark chocolate, M&M’s, Butterfingers, Reese’s… you get my drift. The young kids, well, that sort of depends.

If you want to just walk or drive by and have candy thrown at you from a distance, that’s fine. If you want to set up your lawn chair in the front yard, even better, but we’re going to stay outside. Dress warmly if need be. We ask that you remember to bring your lawn chair and your mask. We’ll have the sanitizing gel and spray. We want to see you, but no one wants to get sick. Getting COVID on Halloween would have to be bad karma.

If you have any interest in helping, feel free to call me at 918-845-0637 or email at reagleton@rjeoffices.com. Sitting around eating chocolate is pretty low impact volunteer work, so no one should be intimidated.

Rick Eagleton, President.

Friends and Neighbors,

Please join us for tonight’s Zoom meeting at 6:00pm.
If you will email me, I will get you a Zoom invite. My email address is reagleton@rjeoffices.com. Our agenda is as follows:

1. Treasurer’s Report.

2. Discuss details and planning for Riverview’s “Trunk and Treat” on Halloween night, Saturday October 31, from 4:30 -7:00 (socially distanced, of course in the front yard of yours truly – 1302 South Galveston Ave. (the corner lot)).

3. Discuss details and planning for our December “Drive-by Holiday Party,” date TBA.

4. Open discussion on how to help neighbors in the time of COVID.

5. Upcoming tentative nature events for the Spring: Home Garden Tour and then meet up at Cry Baby Plaza. What else should we do?

6. Welcoming Committee discussion and request for volunteers.

7. Request for Agenda Topics for the next year.

8. New Business.


I plan on keeping us to about an hour or less, so please grab a beverage or snack and get ready to Zoom.

Rick Eagleton, President.