Friends in the Riverview Historic District,

As many of you know, the residents of our wonderful neighborhood have an association, called, not surprisingly, the Riverview Neighborhood Association.  It makes sense we should join together in celebration of our neighborhood since we all share the common bond of wanting to live in such a lovely, historic, eclectic and welcoming area of town.  Those of you who have lived here a while know why we think of it as the Crown Jewel of Tulsa.  Those of you who are just learning about your new home will soon hear more.  Please sign up for email notifications for neighborhood events and announcements, right here on the website.  We’re looking forward to meeting you.  Please consider joining the association.  Your member dues go to supporting the neighborhood.

The hard working volunteers of the Riverview Neighborhood Association organize some traditional activities, the Cry Baby Hill bike race party, the holiday trolley tour, and block parties, but as a shout out to our casual attitude to a neighborhood association, we also have the flexibility each year to decide what new activities we may want to do to encourage neighbors getting to know neighbors.  Sharing friendships and exchanging ideas are so important to quality of life as neighbors.

The big project just completed is the Cry Baby Plaza, a lovely new neighborhood park.  Over the last few years, after having an idea to build a neighborhood park at Cry Baby Hill, some visionary volunteers scrimped and saved and designed and executed building just that park.  To try to thank all those who were involved would be to forget too many.  We are thrilled to announce that beautiful park is complete and ready to enjoy.  On the website, just click on the Cry Baby Plaza link where you’ll soon be able to see photos of the entire process, from design to completion.  Please do head to the intersection of Cry Baby Hill and Riverside Drive to see it.  It’s something to behold.  We should all be proud of this addition.  If you walk through the park, you’ll see pavers with names of individuals, families, and area businesses who contributed to the project.  Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet.  The park was designed so that more pavers would be sold and installed as neighbors wanted to join in the fun.  You still can.  At the website, just fill out the form and we’ll get your custom paver made and installed immediately following this year’s Tulsa Tough weekend.

As most of you know, the Tulsa Tough Bicycle Race is a premier three-day cycling festival in Tulsa, featuring three days of professional races, with national and international, professional teams and fans all coming to Tulsa for one of the marquee events for the professional cycling tour in the United States.  Here’s a link to the Tulsa Tough website so you can learn more there.  The final day of this incredible weekend of racing is in our neighborhood.  Our Cry Baby Hill Plaza is intended to highlight the pride we have in showcasing our neighborhood to so many sports fans and revelers.  Please mark June 10, 2018, on the calendar to join in with our neighborhood celebration at the River or plan your own party.  It is fun, to be sure.

Recently we did a Holiday Trolley event which of course was a somewhat less raucous affair than the Cry Baby Hill activities, but it was just as big a hit among neighbors.  Ask around.  Some of your neighbors can tell you all about it.  Having said that, it’s takes a bit of planning and ground game to pull off.  We’re looking into doing it again this year.  It’s fun, and more fun the more people join in.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, but being on a trolley, at night, rolling around your own neighborhood seeing the holiday lights and enjoying refreshments is real entertainment.  Are you willing to help out?  Let us know.

As to the flexibility part of this year’s calendar, we’re thinking of doing some other events, but we can change that up if folks have better ideas.  We’d love your input both by calls and emails and also at our association meetings.  Right now, we’re talking about having a block party this year, possibly in September.  Maybe this could be a combination of association food and pot luck from neighbors; maybe a neighborhood cookoff is just as fun.  We’d love to have your ideas (and help).

Lastly, we would also like to form a Welcoming Committee to reach out to new neighbors.  We’re told the association has done this in the past, and we think it would be great to start up again.   While our neighbors are good at meeting the new folks next door, we thought it would be doubly good to give a friendly “hello” greeting, maybe including a personal visit with goodies and information about our neighborhood.   We all know about being the new folks moving into a neighborhood, and how it is exciting and also a bit nerve wracking.  What better way to get over the initial jitters than to be officially welcomed.  If you think you’d like to be part of this, we’d love to have you.

Those are some thoughts for now.  Please let us see you or hear from you soon.

Rick Eagleton, President
918-845-0637 (cell) / 918-878-8091 (work)

Melissa Fields, Secretary
918-571-527-8604 (cell)


Thanks to everyone who made it to last night’s 2018 kickoff meeting. We’re excited to have some new faces on our Board. Rick Eagleton volunteered and was unanimously voted in as our new President. Melissa Fields is our 2018 Secretary. And some old faces, too: Ray Luth remains our trusty Treasurer; Sam Johnson and Brek Wilkins remain on the Board, with Sam as Vice President and Brek as our non-executive director.

From the Nextdoor Partnership Team:

The City of Tulsa and Nextdoor

We are excited to announce that the City of Tulsa will use Nextdoor to provide important information to neighborhoods across the city. As part of this effort, you may see periodic updates from various city departments on Nextdoor Riverview. The purpose of these updates is to share alerts, news, and other notifications that are relevant to your neighborhood. It’s important to note that city staff can only see their own posts and replies to these posts. They will NOT be able to access or view any information that you and your neighbors have shared on Nextdoor Riverview. Communicating with city staff is entirely voluntary, and you can see more information here.

NewsOn6 interviewed our Association President, Sam Johnson, about Riverview’s adoption of Nextdoor as a community online platform for sharing information about crime and safety. More »