Creek Council Oak Tree Fundraiser

Mission Statement

The Riverview Neighborhood Association (RVNA) is dedicated to revitalizing and preserving the historical and cultural significance of Creek Council Oak Tree Park and Stickball Park, two cherished landmarks within our diverse urban community. Our mission is to lead a collaborative and inclusive effort, engaging the community, city government, parks authorities, the Creek Nation, and historical and cultural preservation societies to beautify and restore these parks. Through fundraising campaigns, education initiatives, and artistic endeavors, we aim to honor the legacy of the Lochapoka, the original settlers of Tulsa, and cultivate a spirit of community and cooperation.

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Vision Statement

RVNA envisions a transformed and vibrant urban space that celebrates the rich history of Creek Council Oak Tree Park and Stickball Park. We aspire to achieve this vision through a three-phase campaign. In Phase One, we will restore the parks to their original state, ensuring they become well-maintained, inviting spaces for the community. Phase Two involves promoting the historical significance of Creek Council Oak Tree, educating citizens about the Lochapoka’s struggles on the Trail of Tears, and fostering a culture of peace and accountability. Phase Three aims to add a permanent art installation that commemorates the site and honors the Native American heritage of our city.

We envision a united community actively participating in the revitalization efforts, supported by the generosity of local benefactors and philanthropists. Our vision extends beyond the physical transformation of parks; it embraces the spirit of unity, cooperation, and gratitude, mirroring the resilience of the Lochapoka. Together, we strive to create a lasting tribute to those who came before us, fostering a sense of pride and connection within our beloved city.

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