Riverview Historic District

The Riverview Historic District is located directly south of downtown Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma. The Riverview Historic District is separated from the downtown area by the Inner Dispersal Loop (also known as the Broken Arrow Expressway) which was constructed in 1968. The Riverview Historic District is predominately composed of two related additions, the Childers Heights and Norvell Park additions to the city of Tulsa. Both of these additions were platted in 1918 by Nola Childers Tracy using her father's Creek allotment land. On the extreme east and southeast edges of the Riverview Historic District are portions of three other additions, the 1906 T.T.T., the 1909 Drew-Campbell and the 1907 Riverford additions. The boundaries for the Riverview Historic District were drawn to include the majority of the area which retains its historic integrity and maintains the best, cohesive, residential character illustrating the original development.

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